1869 Letters

December 10, 1869 letter to Luke & Sarah Keith from Oscar Keith

December 10, 1869

To: Luke & Sarah Keith

From: Oscar Keith, Coloma, MI

News about neighbors, both past and present. Would like Luke to talk to Mr. Streator about some money he apparently owes them. Alfleda and Mary Ann both add to the letter; Mary Ann mentions that Oscar built a cottage, and that the house is sided and the barn is finished except for the doors.

Coloma Dec 10th 1869

Uncle Luke and Aunt Sarah and all of the Friends in Comstock

I hope to see you all well as we are in Deerfield. Well to commence with we have just got home from Myron Rawsons and Will Wigtmans. They got through all safe and sound and have got partly settled. They like it well here. It has rained here most all day. We were glad to hear from you and will send this by the Doctor. I shall make a saving of some money by this operation. There is no news of any account except that Ed Batey moves in to that Log House that we lived in. To day that makes four families that have moved in to our neighberhood within two weeks. That is Ed,s, Myrens, Wills and Mrs. Cheeneys. There has been (one new baby within the week that being all the new comers of any note of late) (Mrs Riches). I wish you would let me know about that money from Streetor.[1] What does he say about it (I have an awful poor pen) and will he pay it I mean the overpaid interest. Mary[2] and Mother[3] will write some and I will say good by. Write soon. My respects to all.

Yours truly


Dear Sarah

I am most dead this mornig. Why did you not write how Edeths health is. How does Miss Brown[5] get a long keeping School. I got letter from Katie. I think the five children are Dieing. Has Austin lost his oldest boy with the same disease. Old Mi______ is dead likwise I Strona not ______ if Katie come out hear after all. My hand is out so good bye.


Dec. 12

Good Morning Aunt Sarah. I will now try and fulfill my promis of writing to you when that house was built. Mother told Oscar he would have to get some nails for ous he chose the least evel of the two and built the cottage. Katey[7] is feeling quite bad she has the soar throat.

We have got the house sided up look quite well and the barn finished except the doors.

The above[8] is Mr Glenneys[9] writing. We think if he improves evrey opportunity he will make a good pen-man.

We have had quite a revival up East about two miles had two converts. I wish you would have Uncle Luke see Stretor and send that monney to pay taxes with. I must say Good by for this time my pen hassent improve much since Glen tryed it. Write soon.

Mary Ann

Dec 13

We have had bad luck with letter as you will see. Katie is better.


[1] Believe this to be Marius O. Streator, who is mentioned quite often in various letters and Luke’s diaries

[2] His wife, Mary Ann (Batey) Keith

[3] Alfleda (Starr) Keith

[4] James “Oscar” Keith

[5] Susie A. Brown, sometimes referred to as Suky Brown and/or Decatur Susie Brown. The September 6 entry in Luke’s diary shows that she was the school teacher

[6] Alfleda was the widow of Luke’s brother, Harvey Keith

[7] Oscar & Mary Ann’s daughter, Catherine E. Keith, who was 8 years old

[8] Scribblings on the letter

[9] Oscar & Mary Ann’s son, Glen Noah Keith, who was 3 years old

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