1868 Letters

May 10, 1868 letter to Luke Keith from Oscar Keith

May 10, 1868

To: Luke Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Oscar Keith, Deerfield, MI

He was glad to hear the matter had progressed as far as it had. He would like the money as he wants to buy a team and wants to know how they came up with the amount of his share of the land ($1,160.00). He asks that Luke bring Kate with him when he comes and says that Mary will have a large Johnnycake baked and hot when he comes.

Deerfield, May 10th 1868

Uncle Luke

Dear Sir

I received you letter of May 3d. I was glad to hear from you that the matter had progressed as far as it had. I hardly know what to say to you about that matter untill I see you and understand it better. I should like to have the money if possible as I want to buy me a team and could use it to good advantage but it will not be long before you come and then we can arrange matters better. You state that our share is Eleven Hundred and Sixty Dollars. Was the land appraised for that amount per share or how? Tell Mr Streator to send me the Amount of that note and Interest to date. I shall look for you every day untill you come. Kate[1] lives in Waverly[2] yet so far as I know. Bring her along when you comes out here. Mary[3] says what day you will be here and she will have a large Jonnycake baked and all hot when you come. Come or write soon.

Yours truly

J. O. Keith[4]

[to] C. L. Keith


[1] His sister, Frances Catherine “Kate” (Keith) Chaffee

[2] Waverly, Michigan

[3] His wife, Mary Ann (Batey) Keith

[4] James “Oscar” Keith

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