1867 Letters

April 26, 1867 letter to Nancy Keith from Henry Keith

April 26, 1867

To: Nancy Keith

From: Henry Keith, Rochester, NY

Henry writes that he is well and hearty as ever. He was in Pavilion and found Nellie having the mumps. He will be in Rochester through July. He likes Rochester’s inhabitants and telegraphing. He is boarding with a nice family and has a nice roommate. He will write to Ethan and answer Lucy’s letter before long.

Rochester Apr 26th 67

Sister N

This being a pleasant morning and as I have a few leasure moments before going to school, I will improve it by writing you a few lines to you. I am well and hearty as ever, enjoying myself very much. I came from Pavilion[1] yesterday. I went down there a week ago this morning. I found Nellie[2] having the mumps but she did not have them very hard. She commenced going to school Tuesday morning. Frank[3] goes also. I shall not go down again until I get through. I think I shall be here until July. I want to get through by that time. Ethan[4] wanted I should write and let him know how I liked Rochester. Well, I like it some and some I don’t like it. I like the people very much. This City is noted for its good inhabitants it is a very pleasant country about Rochester so far as I have seen. I like telegraphing very much. I have a very pleasant family to board with. I like them very much. My roommate that I had all winter has finished and gone home. I have an other now. I like him very much. He is from Buffalo. Well N– I want you to write all of the news tell me who is going to teach your school and all about it. Tell Eathan that I will write to him sometime. I will answer Lucys[5] letter before long. No more this time,

Yours truly

H. L. Keith
84 west av
Rochester N.Y.


[1] Pavilion, New York, where George and Marion (Sprague) Tomlinson lived; Marion was Henry’s and Nancy’s paternal first cousin

[2] George & Marion’s daughter

[3] George & Marion’s son

[4] Henry’s and Nancy’s brother, Ethan Keith

[5] Lucy Irene Lee, Henry’s and Nancy’s paternal first cousin

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