1865 Letters

September 8, 1865 letter to Sarah Keith from Chloe Austin and Lois Clark

September 8, 1865

To: Sarah Keith

From: Chloe Austin, Spring Hill, OH

Tells of her journey. Found Lois and her family well except Mr. Clark who has the ague every other day. Lois Clark finishes the letter. Says that Willie has a sore mouth and summer complaint.

Springhill Sept 8[1]

Dear Friend

I left Aldrige Monday morning at 4 oclock went to higins took the noon train for noon train for jackson. I found I could no go on untill the next day so I went to Bugs staid there untill Wednesday noon. I got to Wau____ the same nite half past ten. It rained so I could not get here untill Friday noon. It is very lonesom I can asure you to stay their where I could not see a face that I had never seen before. I found Lois[2] well and her family well. Mrs Clark[3] has the ague every other day. How is Almon[4] _____ and his sister[5] I hope they will be good to the old lady and children. Do the children go to school? Tell Sarah Seely that I want to see Walters[6] picture very much and she must not make no delay in having it taken. I looked for a letter from you yesterday but in vain. It has bin a week now since i have hurd from home. It seemes like a month. Now I want you to write me as soon as you get this tell me all you know. Tell Marshall[7] to write. I shall leve this for Lois to finish. Give my respects to your mother[8] and all my neighbors and exept alarge part for your self.

Yours truly

C. C. Austin[9]

Direct to Wau


Dear Mother[10]

I will endevor too improve this opportunity to write you a few lines. We are usualy well except Willie[11] and Father Clark.[12] Willie has sore mouth and Summer Complaint. We are having very warm weather. There is considerable sickness about hear. Father Clark is having the ague. Do you hear from Pa[13] where is he and what is he doing and when is he coming home. If I knew whare too direct a letter I should write to him. I sent Henry[14] a letter yesterday. Amanda[15] has been to your house probly before now. I did want to go home with her very much. Charley[16] had the ague two weeks ago he had three shakes off it and then it wore off. Do you hear from Hiram.[17]

Tell the Girls and Ethan[18] too write. Mrs A–[19] wants you should hand this letter off Marshalls to Mrs Hodges and tell him if he wants to write to her hand this letter to you and you can direct it. She has forgotten whether she told him how to manage or not. Write as often as you can. I do not think of any more at present.

Lois K. Clark


[1] While no year is indicated, the content is similar to letters written by Lois (Keith) Clark on September 18 & 19, 1865. The location of the original at this time is unknown and this is from an earlier transcription done by Eda “Jean” (Mueller) Johnson

[2] Lois (Keith) Clark

[3] Lois’ mother-in-law, Angeline Clark

[4] Her husband, Almon Austin

[5] Believe this to be Louisa Austin

[6] Perhaps she is referring to her son, Walter V. Austin, who was about four years old

[7] Believe this is her oldest son, Marshall Austin, who was about 15 years old

[8] Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[9] Chloe C. (Wilbur) Austin; the 1860 census lists Sarah and her family right after Chloe and her family

[10] The remainder of this letter was written by Lois

[11] Her son, William Byron Clark, who was almost one year old

[12] Her father-in-law, Ira Clark

[13] Charles Luke Keith Jr., who was selling “bed bottoms” a form of rubberized bedspring

[14] Her brother, Henry Keith

[15] Believe this to be Amanda (Taylor) Clark, the wife of Lois’ husband Byron’s brother, Loren Clark

[16] Her oldest son, Charles Ira Clark, who was almost six years old

[17] Sarah’s brother, Hiram Crawford Jr., who had served in the Civil War and was mustered out on July 12, 1865

[18] Ethan, Nancy & Hannah Keith, Sarah’s three oldest children. Lois and her brother Henry were Sarah’s stepchildren, born to Charles Luke Keith Jr. and his first wife, Minerva Payson

[19] Chloe


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