1865 Letters

September 19, 1865 letter to Sarah Keith from Lois Clark

September 19, 1865

To: Sarah Keith

From: Lois Clark, Spring Hill, OH

Wishes her brother Henry had stopped in to see them. Byron went to the State Fair in Adrian. She is still anxious to hear from Chloe.

Spring Hill[1] Sept 19 /65

Dear Mother

I have just recieved a letter for Chloe[2] from Galesburg. I will remail it back to you. She told me to do so only she told me to mail them too her but I dont think that is the best way for Almond might take them out and she never get them so you tell her the reason of my doing so. Emma has just got hear this afternoon. We are usualy well. Byron[3] is talking off going to the State Fair at Adrian[4]. I dont think off any thing more at preasent only I wish Henry[5] had come out hear while he was no near.


Saturday 23

Byron has been to the Fair and got back. Did not see Henry. Could not find him. We are all well as common. I am quite anxious to hear from Chloe.



[1] Spring Hill, now known as Tedrow, Ohio, is in Fulton County

[2] See September 18, 1865 letter from Lois for more information on Chloe

[3] Lois’ husband, Byron Clark

[4] Adrian, Michigan, is about 30 miles from Tedrow

[5] Lois’ brother, Henry Keith


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