1865 Letters

September 18, 1865 letter to Luke & Sarah Keith from Lois Clark

September 18, 1865

To: Luke & Sarah Keith

From: Lois Clark, Spring Hill, OH

Was sorry to hear that Grandpa Keith was sick; hoped everyone else was well. Talks about Mr. Van taking Chloe and that he will play some trick with her and she’ll get back in her old tracks. Was worried about Chloe and wanted to know how things turned out.

Spring Hill[1] Sept 18th /65

Dear Parents

I recieved your letter last night. I am very sorry to hear off Grandpa[2] Sickness. Thare is a goodeal off sickness about hear. One off our Doctors buried his wife yesterday. She died with inflmation in the Bowels. Eva[3] is having the Ague some now days. Willie[4] does not get over his diarreah yet. Keep doctoring him with every thing I can hear off. I wish we had some of the estract of wild strawberse. They do not have it hear. The rest of the family is usuly well. Chloe[5] left hear Friday night. Mr Van took her right off with out any surimony. I am sorry you told him whare she was for I am afraid he is not so much her friend as he pretends too be. I am afraid they will get her back and then he will missuse her as bad as ever. I wish she could have seen that letter you wrote her. I think some of mailing it to her at Marshal but I think it a great chance if it got to her in time to do any good. You wanted to know if I was coming to Mich– before winter. I cannot tell any thing about it but think it not very likely I shall. I am in hopes to come befor long for I am very anxious to see you all. I am glad to hear that Pa[6] has got home. Hope he is well. Does he think of going back this fall? I recieved a letter from Henry[7] last night. He wrote that he thought of throughing up his patent right because his health is so poor he cannot do it justice. What seems to be the matter, any thing new? Father Clark[8] recieved a letter from Emma last night stating she should leave Galesburg tomorrow for this place. We are all anxious to hear how Chloe comes out. I want you should write as soon as you find out what she is going to do. I am afraid her Sister will not be very pleased when she hears that she has gone back. Byron[9] dont like the looks nor actions of Mr Van. He thinks they will play some trick with her and she will get back in her old tracks again. I believe all that makes Austin[10] so penitent now is because she has got her foot on his neck. How I wish she would keep it thare. Byron sayes (it is vain to put confidence in man) so we read in the Bible. Tell the Children[11] Charlie[12] feels very bad because they dont write him a letter. He all most cryed because that little scrip of paper Nancy[13] put in the last letter was not for him. I did not understand what you ment about Mark. Whare he is watching? I wish I could that Grandpa had got well but I do not know as I expect too for he is geting so old. I hope the rest of you will keep well. Did you or Grandma[14] go to the quilting? Has Din Signor got a baby? Do you know what Amanda[15] is going to do? She has not written us a word since she went back. If you know any thing about her afairs I wish you would write and let me know. Byron is geting anxious to go to Bed so I must quit writing. My love to you all.


Give us the dimensions of the ○ that Mark is a laboring with. If it is ○□◊∆  0 or if it is in the ground or in the earth or fastend to any body or knobody.



[1] Spring Hill, now known as Tedrow, Ohio, is in Fulton County

[2] Charles Luke Keith Sr. He died January 30, 1866

[3] Lois’ sister-in-law, Eva Clark, who was about 13 years old

[4] Lois’ son, William Byron Clark, who was about 2 years old

[5] Chloe (Wilbur) Austin. See also September 9 & 19, 1865 letters

[6] Charles Luke Keith Jr.

[7] Assume Lois is referring to her brother, Henry Keith

[8] Lois’ father-in-law, Ira Clark

[9] Lois’ husband, Byron Clark

[10] Believe she is referring to Chloe’s husband, Almon Austin

[11] Probably referring to Lois’ half-sister Louese, who was 5, and half-brother Jim, who was 4, although could have possibly also meant Lois’ other half-brother and sisters, Ethan, age 15, Nancy, age 14, and Hannah, age 11

[12] Lois’ son, Charles Ira Clark, who was six years old

[13] Lois’ half sister, Nancy Keith

[14] Sarah’s mother, Nancy (Comfort) Crawford Betts

[15] Believe this to be Amanda (Taylor) Clark, the wife of Lois’ husband Byron’s brother, Loren Clark

[16] This last portion was written by Byron Clark


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