1866 Letters

March 4, 1866 letter to Luke Keith from Lois Clark

March 4, 1866

To: Luke Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Lois Clark, Spring Hill, OH

There has been a lot of sickness in the area, mostly fevers. She has sold her horses for $140.00 and also sold her wagon. She is very homesick (since her husband died), but her in-laws think she should stay there until after harvest. Then if her father-in-law can sell, he will help her buy land in Michigan if they can find any that they can afford.

Spring Hill March 4th/66

Dear Friends at home

I have seated myself to write you a few lines. We are usualy well. Thare is considrable sickness about hear, fevers mostly. They are having the Spotted Fever at Wauseon. I have just come home from a funeral of an old Gentelman. He died with the Lung Fever. C C Palmer is hear, came hear last Tuesday, intends to start for home tomorrow. Father[1] has give him a horse and he come after it. I have solde my horses. It seemd hard to let Lib go but I thought it was for the best and so did the rest. I have also sold my wagon. I got for my Horses $140 Dollars.

I am homesick as ever but the folks think I had better stay hear untill after harvest.[2] I recieved a letter from Henry[3] last night. It was written the 23rd. He wrote you were all well. I wrote a letter last week to N W Keith,[4] told him he might bring me a machine. Also wrote to A J Bradford to see if he would take the Bed Bottom[5] right. You did not tell me whether you had heard from Dade or not. Whare is Sarah Ralphs man from. What will Azro think about that. Is thare any prospects of getting that money from the town. What is it about Henrys going on the Lake. For pity sakes dont let him do that. I wish he was a farmer. If he was as soon as I could get things together I would buy a piece of land and try and have him work it. If we all live and gave good luck I intend to get me a home as soon as posable and I think a piece of land will be the best for me. As soon as Father can sell he says he will help me to buy if we can find any in Michigan that we can buy. I suppose thare is not any near you that I could buy. It wants a deap pocket to buy thare but we will trust in providence for that. He doeth all things well. Oh I get so homesick some of the time I heardly know how to contain myself and if I had some place to go I should go back there but I know you have all you can take care of and my means would not go a great ways if I should set down and eat them up. I am in hopes Father can sell yet this spring but he has had no chance yet. Tell the Children[6] I will write to them soon but they must not wait for me, they can write any time. They have not so much to take up thier mind as I have. Write often. I should like to have you write every week for it seams good to hear from home. No more at present.

Lois G Clark


[1] Her father-in-law, Ira Clark

[2] Her husband, Byron Clark, died December 25, 1864

[3] Her brother, Henry Lindsey Keith

[4] Believe she is referring to her cousin, Noble William Keith

[5] A form of rubberized bedsprings

[6] Her half-brothers and -sisters: Ethan, Nancy, Hannah, Louese and James Keith

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