1866 Letters

July 22, 1866 letter to Luke Keith from Levi King

July 22, 1866

To: Luke Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Levi King, Springfield, MA

He works as a locomotive engineer for the Western Railroad. Talks about getting patent information for Luke.


Springfield July 22/66

Mr C L Keith[1]

Dear Sir

I take my pen this after noon to ancer your letter that I got the twenth and was glad to hear from you. Yur letter remaned in the office some time for I dont go to the office very afficen(?) for my letter are fetch at my house if the number is on them. We are all well and keeping house. I like the work first trate. It is work in locomotive enginer for the Western RR. I have not hurd from Father[2] for sum time but he did not say any thing a bout coming East. He wanted me to see what webin was worth. I told him and he sead he was a going to get a hundard yds. I dont now weather he has or not. It is wirth 48 and 50 Cents. You wanted to no why I did stop for mungar and wife cam through to Rome with us and she help take care of the baby.[3] It wold make it rather hard for Jo.[4]

Well a bout that patent. Senc I got yur letter I have not had any time. I have not hade I but two days. I was on the street last night. I cam a crost one of the men at the Ruper(?) Shop but he cold not give me any inflamation. He thought I had beter write to new york but he thought that man that I spoke to bout the webin cold tell me but when I can get of so to see him I dont no but I will try to see him this week and go to his house som eaven and as soon as I can find out I will drop a line so good afternoon. Jo sends her best Respects to you and all the Rest.

Yours as ever

L. L. King [5]
Springfield Mass
No 9 Boylston St

To C L Keith
Galesburg Mich


[1] Charles Luke Keith Jr. went by the name of Luke, as did his father, Charles Luke Keith Sr.

[2] James S. King, Luke’s maternal first cousin

[3] His daughter, Minnie King

[4] Josephine (Standish) King

[5] Levi Lincoln King


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