1866 Letters

September 20, 1866 letter to Sarah Keith from Sarah Morrison

September 20, 1866

To: Sarah Keith

From: Sarah Morrison, Homer, MI

She writes that they have bought twenty acres and are farming a little. She would like to come down in the fall and stay a week. If their wine plant is still there, she would get it in the fall. If anyone has their churn pipe and whatever else they left there, she asks that they send them on the cars. She is spinning for 20 cents a run. She is very lonesome and misses Sarah’s house to run to.


Homer Sep 20 66

Mrs Keith

I had an opportunity to send you a few lines to day so I sieze it very greedily. We are three miles from town. We have bought us twenty acres and are farming a little so are troubled with the cares of life commencing anew. Every thing is so dear but we hope to weather the storm. If I thought it would pay I would come down this fall and stay a week. If it is not too much trouble to your folks I wish when they go to Galesburg they would asertain whether our wine plant is safe in the old garden and if it is I will come down and get it this fall. If any one has taken it if they would put our churn pipe and whatever we left there aboard the cars. I will pay them what they ask. Do you know if our coffee mill was in the churn. Daniel[1] thinks he left it at Mrs Adams but she said it was not there.

Well I am spinning for 20 cts a run and boarding my self. Do you think I get my pay these hard times. It is so rainy and gloomy I hardly know how to contain myself and I am so lonesome all the time I can hardly hold up my head. I miss your house to run to. We have near neighbors but I do not like them well enough to go very often. Write soon and overlook my bad writing.

Sarah M Morrison

Homer, Calhoun Co, Mich


[1] Her husband, Daniel Morrison


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