1865 Letters

July 14, 1865 letter to Sarah Keith from Luke Keith

July 14, 1865

To: Sarah Keith

From: Luke Keith, De Pere, WI

Luke was glad to hear that Sarah was well along with the others, but wishes Jimmy and Sis could be cured of “the itch.” He is well except for “the itch” that is getting worse. The people of Appleton are mostly Dutch and poor. He asks about many people back home as well as the shop, the cow and a new bakery that is in town. He watched the fireworks on the 14th; they couldn’t have them on the 4th as it was so rainy. He will be sending money when he gets some. Luckily he is not paying board while he is there. He may be going to Oshkosh before coming home.

Depere July 14th/65


Your letter came in Saturday morning. Was glad to hear you was all well. I am well as usual excep the itch that dont get any better getting worse if any thing. Have you got any thing to eat? You said something about that machine having a glass foot. It has not. Jim[1] says it is the best machine in use the least liable to get out of order. It is the Franklin. I dont much think I shall buy it. I shant if I can sell the county for the money. I dont know as I can sell it for the money. It is rather a poor county not much except the village of Appleton. The people are mostly dutch and they say poor at that. I should like the machine first rate if we had the thing paid for. It is rather tight times up her this summer but crops look a great deal better than they did last summer. How does things prosper in the shop &c?[2] Does Henry[3] use the colt any? Has by[4] been out yet? Has Ed got home yet? Has Mr Hodges left yet? You say you have got a bakery in town where is it and who runs it? Where is Pros[5] has he got back yet? I dont know when I shall go to Omro[6] I think I shall go up there before I go home. You may think it rather curious my staying here so long. If you dont I do. We have got ready now Jim says he will start Monday. There is one thing I dont have to pay any thing for board while I stay but my time is worth more than my board I think. Jim says we will make it all up he thinks. I hope so any how. Does the cow come up as usual? Do you know whether she has or not? They are having great times at the Bay to night. They have their fire works. It was so rainy the fourth they could not have them. The Queen City came up this afternoon after the Depere folks. They had the Putchaquet Band aboard. They played when they came in and when they went out it looked fine had four flags up.

I wish Jimmy and sis[7] could get cured of the itch and all the rest of you. I want Ethen[8] to keep track of the tools and shop. Does frank grow any? Have you got out of money? I will send you some as soon as I can get some. I am in hopes to make a strike soon. You may direct your next letter to Oshkosh if you write next week and if you dont you may wait until you hear from me a gain. I shall write next week most likely. It is so dark I cant hardly see. I am a lone. Levy and wife[9] have gone to the Bay and Jim has gone down town so good by. Respects to all the children and your self of course.

Yours as ever

C L Keith


[1] His cousin, James S. King, with whom he is staying

[2] Et cetera

[3] His son, Henry Keith

[4] His son-in-law, Byron Clark

[5] His brother-in-law, Lucius Prosper Crawford

[6] Omro, Wisconsin

[7] His two youngest children, James and Louese Keith

[8] His son, Ethan Keith

[9] James King’s son and daughter-in-law, Levy & Josephine (Standish) King


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