1865 Letters

August 20, 1865 letter to Luke Keith from Ethan Keith

August 20, 1865

To: Luke Keith, Oshkosh, WI

From: Ethan Keith, Galesburg, MI

Has been working for Mr. Blackburn. A letter came from Mr. Graham and Ma says to sell him the territory as cheap as possible. Web Butler went to Dowagiac last Saturday and was run over by the train and cut all to pieces.

Galesburg Aug 20th/65

Pa we received your letter last Thursday. Glad to hear that you was well. We are all well as usual. The letter from Mr. Graham came in yesterday. Ma[1] sayes that she wants you to let him have that territory as cheap as possible. Mr Blackburn had a lot of more rubber come on yesterday. He has had 4.30 dollars worth of rubber since I comenced tacking. I have helped him make Buckles twice. He has paid me $9.86 & owes me $2.50. Web Butler went to Dowagiac[2] last Saturday & was brought home yesterday dead he got run over by the cars[3] one mile & a half this side. He was cut all to pieces. It is getting pretty nigh car time and I will have to close.


The following was written on the envelope: I wrote this letter to pa Aug 20, 1865 most 40 years ago.

EBK  2/12/05


[1] His mother, Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[2] Dowagiac, Michigan

[3] The train cars


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