1865 Letters

July 6, 1865 letter to Sarah Keith from Luke Keith

July 6, 1865

To: Sarah Keith

From: Luke Keith, De Pere, WI

Tells Sarah that Mr. Blackburn may borrow some tools and Ethan can get them for him. He has been gone from home four weeks now and it feels like four months. His clothes are wearing out. Says that Jim is the slowest person he ever saw; tells him that he’ll start in a day or two and not to worry. Luke will leave next week whether Jim does or not.

Depere July 6th 1865


I sent a letter to Mr Blackburn yesterday. He wants to use some tools to make those frames with. I told him he could use them. Ethen[1] could get them for him. He can take what he wants out and not keep the chest open. My pants are just like them I got of mason all going down into the hem of the leg. I riped it open the other day and took out a pile. One of my shirt sleeves have busted. I guess I shall soon if I dont do something. Jim[2] is the slowest fellow I ever saw. He keep telling he will start in a day or two. He says dont fret no time lost. Let the squirel set we will give them scissors when we get out. I tell him I have a family that are depending on me for something to eat and ware. Well he says they have never gone hungry yet have they. I shall go next week whether he does or not. I must either do something or go home. If I could sell some Territory so I could get a start I would go to making Bottoms[3] but I dont like the idea of doing that if I can sell without. I dont like to be a way from home. I have been gone four weeks and it seems as though it was four months. It is very wet rains almost every day. You cant go out hardly. It rained all day the fourth and all night until most noon yesturday. No rain yet to day one oclock. I am as well as usual and hope you and the children are. Good by for this time. I will write you when I stop a gain. Do the girls[4] get any Kerocene gum there. They have it here.

Dont show this keep dark &c.[5]

To Sarah C. Keith

C. L. Keith


[1] Their son, Ethan Keith

[2] His cousin, James S. King

[3] Luke sold Ulmer’s Spring Bed Bottoms, which were a form of rubberized bedsprings

[4] Their daughters, Nancy, Hannah and Louese Keith

[5] Et cetera


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