1864 Letters

September 8, 1864 letter to Sarah Keith from Luke Keith

September 8, 1964

To: Sarah Keith

From: Luke Keith, De Pere, WI

He has stayed in De Pere longer than expected because “You might as well try to get a way from the Devil as Jim.” He wants to know if Sarah received the five dollars that he sent her. He will be going to Omro soon. Writes about some agreement that he made with Mr. Truman for five bushels of wheat. He is glad that Sarah stuck firm for the full amount. Wonders how Mr. Wiseman is getting along with the bed business. Jim wants to buy Dodge County now and so he has offered it to him for $250.00 but Jim wants to wait until Levi comes. Jim has sent in an order for rubber which should be delivered from the factory in about two weeks.

Depere Sept 8″ 1864

Well Sarah[1] I write you once more from DePere. I have stayed here some time longer than I calculated to when I came here. You might as well try to get a way from the Devil as Jim.[2] There was a while I was glad to stay for I could not do any thing. I was so used up by the hot weather but I am feeling considerable better now it is getting some cooler. You did not say in your last letter whether you received the five Dollars I sent you. How does Jimmy[3] get a long. King has just paid me. I shall go to Omro[4] soon. You may direct your next letter to Omro. How do you get along about wood and other eatables. I am glad you stuck for the full amount of wheat of Trume. If he could put you of with two or four bushels that would been the last of it. He agreed to give me five bushels for the stone let it be worth much or little. I told him it would not make any difference with me if it want worth but fifty cents or if it was worth two Dollars. All the same he could have it for five bushels of wheat it want money it was wheat so if you have got it according to agreement all right. I done as I agreed and so has Truman and that makes the thing all on the squair. You said Wm Watts and Mr Dewey had lost their children. I dont think of any Dewey in the Burg.[5] I think Phil Cory has cut a gut or punched one. What does Bennett say about it. I think she has done well enough if he will stay a way. I should not wonder if that was some one he had when he was in the army. How is Mr Wiseman getting along with his bed business. Jim wants to buy Dodge County[6] now. I made him an offer. He wants to wait until Levy[7] comes. He expects him soon. He is waiting for rubber. Jim has sent for two hundred and fifty yards. It is 54. cts per yard now at the factory. He got a letter from Le last week said they would have it ready in about two weeks. Jim calculates to sell out here as soon as he can and go up to Fond Dulac or Dodge County. He has got sick of the log roads here in the woods. I told him he might have Dodge County for 250. fifty Dollars down the balance in one year. Dont know yet whether he will take it or not. How is Jeff getting along and all the rest. I dont know how we shall get along every thing is so high. I should think they had got wheat up about as high as it aught to be. If every thing else is as high in proportion we might as well enlist in the Harmy. I will write you again when I get up to Omro.

All wright now.

Yours as ever

C. L. Keith


[1] His wife, Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[2] His cousin, James S. King

[3] Their son, James Clinton Keith

[4] Omro, Wisconsin

[5] Galesburg, Michigan

[6] He is referring to territories where they can sell the bed bottoms, a form of rubberized bedspring

[7] Jim’s son, Levi Lincoln King


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