1864 Letters

August 12, 1864 letter to Sarah Keith from Luke Keith

August 12, 1864

To: Sarah Keith

From: Luke Keith

Is sorry to hear that the family has had so much sickness. He is feeling better but came very near to having sunstroke. He has sold two counties to his cousin Jim for selling bed bottoms. He has heard that Jim might want two more counties. She may send one more letter to De Pere; he isn’t sure when he will be home.

Aug 12[1]

Sarah your letter came in yesterday while I was writing to Ethen.[2] Sorry to hear of so much sickness. I hope you wont have any more in our family. Does sis[3] keep well. You must be careful not let them eat evry green thing they see. I begin to feel some better but cant stand the heat. I came very near getting the sun stroke. I think I never saw as hot weather in Michigan and so long. I am going to the bay to day. I have sold two countys to Jim[4] or sold one and gave him one. I have got to make a commencement on territory some where so I was bound to make a trade with him. Some say he spoke about buying two more countys yesterday Calumet and Door. Dont tell any one what I am doing perhaps I may do something after a while. You may send one more letter to Depere[5] if you should want to write next week I should like to hear from Mr Johnson and Sumner how they get a long. I hope Jimmy[6] and sis wont get down again or any the rest of you. Has Mr Keith got some fine boots. I think you had best have the potatoes dug if it is so very dry they will not be any better. Have you got any thing of Mr Austin. Is Byron[7] coming back befor fall. I dont know when I shall be home. I want to do something make a beginning before I go if we all keep well. You may ask father if he wants any money now if he does I must send him some soon as I can get some. I must send you some soon. Write next week if you can. Respects to all. Yours &c

C. L. Keith

I think I will write to Henry[8] next week if nothing happens more than I know of now.


[1] While no year is included in the date, the content of the letter is consistent with other letters written during August 1864

[2] Their son Ethan

[3] Their daughter Louese

[4] His cousin, James S. King

[5] De Pere, Wisconsin, where he was staying with his Uncle James Hunt King while trying to sell bed bottoms

[6] Their son James Clinton Keith

[7] His son-in-law, Byron Clark

[8] His son, Henry Lindsey Keith


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