1864 Letters

August 2, 1864 letter to Sarah Keith from Luke Keith

August 2, 1864

To: Sarah Keith

From: Luke Keith, De Pere, WI

Is still at Uncle James King’s. Hasn’t been feeling well which he blames on the hot weather. Hears that there are a lot of bears in the area and he would like to see one. Inquires about the children and the crops.

Depere Aug 2nd 1864

Sarah[1] I am at uncle Kings[2] yet. Not very well. Dont see what makes me so much out of tune unless it is the hot weather. I never suffered so much with the heat as I have since I left home. There has been some days since I have been here it seemed to me I could not go out into the sun any way you could fix it. Give me Wisconsin for hot weather yet dont know yet when I shall leave here. I will write and let you know when I leave. I shal not tramp much while it is so hot. We are going to have mush and milk for dinner. Sarah[3] is washing to day. There is agoing to be lots of Black berries here. They are beginning to get ripe now. Leroy[4] lives on the first farm East of Burnells.[5] He has sold his place on the hill and bot down here so they live clost together. Aunt Electa[6] snaps round about as usual. There are lots of Bears around in the woods here but Jim[7] says he cant never get a sight at one. I should like to see one first rate but I should want to be out of his way. Is it as hot down there as it is here. We had a shower Sunday after noon. We are looking for more to day. How are you and the children. Have you had any new potatoes yet or cucumbers. James got som of Mr Newton Saturday morning the first I have had. I have not done any thing worth braging about yet but there may be a chance yet. I think it it will be better after harvest. The folks are all engaged in their haying and harvesting and getting their logs down. That is the main thing now. I think King will go into it in Brown or Fond Dulac County. He is wating to hear from Leroy. He wrote to him last week. Good by for this time. Yours of course.

C. L. K.

How is Henry.[8] I will write to Ethen[9] next time. Has Nancy[10] got home yet.


[1] His wife, Sarah (Crawford) Keith

[2] James Hunt King, husband of Luke’s aunt, Lilly (Willcutt) King

[3] Sarah (King) Burnell, daughter of James & Lilly King

[4] Jonas LeRoy, husband of James & Lilly King’s daughter, Edith Ann

[5] Luther & Sarah (King) Burnell

[6] Electa (Damon) Willcutt, wife of Luke’s uncle, Warren Willcutt

[7] Believe he is referring to James & Lilly King’s son, James S. King

[8] Luke’s son

[9] Luke’s son

[10] Luke’s daughter


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