1864 Letters

April 6, 1864 letter to Annie Brockway from Sally Brockway

April 6, 1864

To: Annie Brockway

From: Sallie Brockway, Albion, MI

Writes that if she ever hears or sees George Perry she will tell him to get the cloak that Ma wants. Thinks it is strange he has not written. Perhaps he has absconded to parts unknown.

Albion, April 6, 1864

Wednesday Morning

Dear sister Annie,

Now, dont laugh at this nice sheet of paper, for its all I’ve got in the house, and cant write any more letters till I go down town and get some more, so you will have to take this, this time or none.

For the last ten days it has rained constantly, such horrid weather I never saw before. This morning it looks as though it might clear off but presume before noon it will rain again, but I hope not. I had a letter last night from Ma,[1] dated the 28th of March. Was real glad to hear, and that you were all getting along so nicely. Hope before this reaches you, you will all be entirely well.

Tell Ma that if ever, I see or hear from George Perry[2] again, I will tell him to get her the cloak she wants, but I have not yet heard from him. I think its so strange he does not write. __ank says in her letters she guesses he has absconded to parts unknown. They have not heard from him either, but I guess if we are patient, he will come before long. I sent a letter to the office, to Albert[3] yestarday, and to Ma the day before, and this morning thought it was your turn. The folks here are all well, and doing as well as possible. Uncles[?][4] folks are well too. Mary[5] is going to the Seminary this term. How are all the other folks up there. How are the Guil_____. Remember me to them. I do not think of anything more to write about this time, so will stop.

Hope to be with you before long. Love to all, Good by

From your sister

Sallie Brockway

Albion, Mich


[1] Lucena (Harris) Brockway

[2] George Perry was married to their sister, Delia Brockway

[3] Their brother, Albert Brockway

[4] Believe she is referring to, and staying with, William Hadley Brockway and his wife, Clarissa (Porter) Brockway

[5] William & Clarissa’s daughter, Mary Brockway


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