1864 Letters

March 17, 1864 letter to Charlana Johnson from Emulous Adams

March 17, 1864

To: Charlana Johnson

From: Emulous Adams, Washington, DC

He was hoping that he would be able to get a furlough and come visit her, but that did not happen. He wrote his wife, Ruth, three months ago sending her $10.00. He wanted her to have pictures taken of herself and their daughter, Phebe, who was about two years old. (Since Emulous had enlisted in October of 1862, it is possible that he had never seen Phebe.) Ruth, however, had not sent any pictures and Emulous reasoned that she hadn’t “found time to do eather yet but she can find time to do other things that is of more consequence to her.”

March the 17th 1864

Lincoln General Hospital
Engine room
Washington, D.C

Dear Sister

I receved your kind letter some time ago but hav neglectled answering it hoping to be able to get a furlough[1] so that I could come and se you all wonce more but that is plaid out for the present. Your letter found me about as usual and that is not very well but I am sory to hear that Mother[2] should worey about me or about what Lorinda[3] has written to me for she has written nuthing to m concerning Father[4] or Mother nor about eney one els onely what I requested of her to do so you can rest easey on that score. You wrot about my having a pretty childe[5] and god knowes that I would like to se her or her likeness but I cant. I wrote to Ruth[6] some 3 months ago and sent her 10 dolars and wanted her to write and send her likeness and Phebes and she hasent found time to do eather yet but she can find time to do other things that is of more consequence to her. I presume likeley but thear is no use of talking. I could tell you something if I thought it would do you eny good to know but it wont so I wont say it. I wish you would see Mother and find out what she thinks about matters and things at home and just tell her to stick to the farm for she is bos of it and the things that was left on it but enough of this and now how dou you and all of yur folks dew. I cant think of eny thing to write that would be very interesting to you and I guess that I hav written as much as you will want unless it is better so I will wind up. Giv my best respects to all enquiring friends. My love to you. Write as soon as you can.

Emulous Adams

Mr Alonzo B Johnson[7] [8]
15th Mich Infantry Co I
2and Division 3rd Brigade
Little Rock Ark


[1] Emulous enlisted for service in the Civil War on October 11, 1862 in Co. L, Michigan 5th Calvary Regiment and was mustered out on May 22, 1865 at Washington, DC

[2] Rebecca (Lawrence) Adams

[3] Emulous’ and Charlana’s youngest sister, Lorinda (Adams) Meredith

[4] John Adams

[5] Phebe Adams, who is about two years old 

[6] Emulous’ wife

[7] Charlana’s son

[8] This is in Charlana’s handwriting so it is presumed that she used the letter to make note of Alonzo’s address


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