1864 Letters

March 12, 1864 letter to Luke Keith Sr. from Louisa Keith

March 12, 1864

To: Charles Luke Keith Sr., Galesburg, MI

From: Louisa Keith, Hudson, MI                 

Her father asked her to write the record of grandmother’s family and also her father’s family. [Unfortunately this was not with the letter.] What information they have on the Littlefield family was taken from an old letter. William’s family is well. Hears from Martha and Jane. Martha lives in Decatur, Illinois. Aunt Whitmore lives in Adrian with her youngest son, Ansel. Wants to know when Aunt Rhoda died.

March 12, 1864

Dear Uncle[1]

Pa[2] requested me to write the record of grandmothers[3] family for you. I have done so, also a record of her fathers[4] family as far as we have it. We have not a full record of the Littlefield family, but have taken this from an old letter Pa has in the house. We are all well as usual here, and Williams[5] family are well. We hear from Martha[6] and Jane[7] often. There were well the last we heard. Martha is still living in Decatur, Illinois. Uncle, we would like to hear from you once in a while. Pa says he would like to have you come and spend a part of the summer with him. We should all enjoy such a visit from you very much. Aunt Whitmore[8] lives in Adrian,[9] with her youngest son Ansel. She has not been here since last summer, but she was well the last we heard from her. We should like to have you send us the date of Aunt Rhodas death.[10] Please remember me to my cousins. Tell them we should like very much to receive letters from them, and wish they would come and see us.

Ma[11] and Pa send their love to you all. Please accept this with much love.

From your affectionate niece

Louisa Keith


[1] Charles Luke Keith Sr., who went by the name of Luke

[2] Ozen Keith, Luke’s brother

[3] Luke’s and Ozen’s mother, Martha (Littlefield) Keith

[4] Daniel Littlefield

[5] Her brother

[6] Her sister, Martha (Keith) Langley

[7] Her sister, Jane (Keith) Cole

[8] Luke’s and Ozen’s sister, Martha Keith, who married Daniel Whitmore

[9] Adrian, Michigan

[10] Luke’s and Ozen’s sister, Rhoda Keith, who married Charles Lee. She died June 3, 1854

[11] Cecilia (Stewart) Keith


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