1860 Letters

November 1, 1863 letter to Annie Brockway from Sallie Brockway

November 1, 1863

To: Annie Brockway

From: Sallie Brockway, Albion, MI

Wants Annie to write often; wishes she could hear from her every day. Knows it will be lonely at home without “any of us girls there.”

Albion, O Nov 1st 1863

Dear Sister Annie,

I have but a few moments to write, as I have got to get dinner. Bessie has gone to Sunday School and I have promised to have dinner ready when she got back. I wish you were here to eat dinner with me, though I think probably you will have a better one home. We are going to have roast pork, potatoes, bread and butter, custard pie and, tea, dont you think we are going to have a good dinner? I was real glad to have you write to me and I want you to write me often too for I’de like to hear from you every day if I could. I suppose you have had to work real hard since I came away, havent you. You must be a good girl and help ma[1] all you can this winter, for I know you will both be very lonely without any of us girls there. I hope by the time you get this you will be back to the Harbor all settled and comfortable. I think you have made out quite a list of things that Mr Farwell[2] gave Charlotte.[3] I think he is real good to give you another nice dress. I hope you will have it made and trimmed real nice, & will be very careful of it. All the little girls here have their dresses trimmed, mostly around the skirt and with braid or ruffels. I hope now you will write to me often, and I will always answer them. I cannot write any more this time.

Good Bye, Your Sister

Sallie Brockway[4]


[1] Lucena (Harris) Brockway

[2] Oliver Atkins Farwell

[3] Their sister, Charlotte Louise (Brockway) Farwell

[4] Charlotte, Sallie & Annie were the daughters of Daniel and Lucena (Harris) Brockway. Lucena’s brother, Daniel D. Harris, was the father of Daniel D. Harris, Jr. who would grow up to marry Louese Keith, the daughter to Charles Luke and Sarah (Crawford) Keith Jr.



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