1864 Letters

January 8, 1864 letter to Annie Brockway from Sallie Brockway

January 8, 1864

To: Annie Brockway

From: Sallie Brockway, Albion, MI

Had a good time at Uncle’s and Aunty’s but is now back at Albion.

Albion, Jany. 8th, 1864

Dear Annie,

You see that I am again back to Albion.[1] I have had such a good time since I’ve been gone, that I dreaded to come back. Uncle and Aunty both done all they could to make it pleasant for me, and I enjoyed myself very much. The girls also made it pleasant for me. When I got back here I found a letter here waiting for me and from you and a few lines from ma.[2] You said that I you had written to me twice and, you say you have not had one from me. I think that I have written to you but possibly you may not have got it. I also received one yesterday from Ma. I was very glad to get it. I do not know as I can write but very little this time as I have to hurry and carry this to this the office so it will go out today.

I have had an invertation to go out sleighing this afternoon. I do not know whether I shall go or not, but think I shall. Last night we had the oysters for supper that Ma sent me by Charlottes.[3] They were very good indeed. Dont you think I kept them a long time. I must close, so good bye. Tell all the folks to write to me. I will write again in a day or two.

Good by, your sister

Sallie Brockway

[1] Her uncle and aunt, William Hadley & Clarisa (Porter) Brockway, lived in Albion, Michigan, so it appears Sallie had spent some time with them

[2] Lucena (Harris) Brockway

[3] Their sister, Charlotte Louise (Brockway) Farwell


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