1863 Letters

May 10, 1863 letter to Luke Keith from Levi King

May 10, 1863

To: Luke Keith

From: Levi King, Springfield, MA

He is working in the Armory earning $3.00 a day, which is very good for those times. His father is thinking of buying a farm in Michigan and then he will work on the farm. His grandmother is not doing well and he is afraid he will never see her again.

Springfield May 10/63

Friend Luke[1]

I take my pen this after noon to write you a few lines. You must excuse me for not writing before. I am well and hope these few lines will find you the same. I am to work in the Armory. I like it very much thoug it is very durty. I am urning three Dollars a day. It is very good for these times though I should routher be on a farm and I think I shall next spring. My Father[2] thinks of bying a farm in Michagan. I hope he will. If he does I will care it on for him. He sead you spoke to him a bout bying afarm thaer. I had a letter from him last week. He writes very bad news. He thought that gramey[3] wold not live long. I should like to see her once more. Probley I never shall. I have ben say that I com east I wish I had gon on to a farm. I should felt better. I am geting as fat as a pig. I have gained twelve pounds sence I went into the shop. How Luke is it as mudy thaer as it was when I cam down? If it is I dont want to go thaer to live. It was all mud hear all winter. We did not have much snow but it is plesent hear now. Evry thing looks green and nice. Mr. Calton folks are all well. Po(?) has gon to keeping house. Little George is out west. I dont now what he is a doing but I think not any thing that is his trade. I ask his father whare he was. He told me he had gon back to ware. They think I dont know whare he is but I no moer a bout him than they now of.

Well, Luke, thaer is a grate excitement a bout war. How is it with you? Evry body thinks they are a going to be drafted. Well, I hope they will draft half thaer is in this Army for thaer see moer than one half see. Well I must draw to a close. How does that colt get a long? Give my Best Respects to all so good Afternoon. Excuse all bad mistaks.

From your Friend

Levi L. King

Please write soon


[1] Charles Luke Keith Jr. went by the name of Luke, as did his father, Charles Luke Keith Sr.

[2] James S. King

[3] Lilly (Willcutt) King, who was also Luke’s aunt

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