1862 Letters

December 6, 1862 letter to Alonzo Johnson from Henry Adams & Charlana Johnson

December 6, 1862                 

To:  Alonzo Johnson

From: Henry Adams & Charlana Johnson, Climax, MI

Henry writes that he took his rifle and started for Wakeshma last Monday and was now in Climax. He writes about the various family members. Emulous is with his regiment in Grand Rapids. Charlana then finishes the letter.

Climax Dec 6th 1862

I now take my pen in hand to let you know what I and the rest of the folks are bout. Last monday I took my rifle and started for wakeshma to visit my friends and today finds me at your home in Climax. Burton and your Mother[1] ar both well. Ellen and Melvina[2] Are Now at Mr Merediths.[3] We exspect them and Walter and Warren Meredith[4] up here to morrow and I shall go back with them. Emulous[5] is with his regiment in grand rapids and the regiment has received marching orders. Ellen Millham[6] had sent you some envelops and paper and some articles of food. But as you have never said any thing about them in your letters your mother thinks that you have never received them and she desired me to say that she would send some more. Ellen has been here and staid a week. She went home last wednsday. I suppose I may as well wind up my writing for this time for your mother has got the table covered with pies and cakes for she is getting ready for the visitors to morrow.

Tell Henry Billings and Dan to be good Boys and fight when the time comes. Tell Charles Burdick[7] that I will write to him as soon as I can get time. And that I want him to write me as often as he can.

From Your cousin

Henry Adams[8]

Sunday noon

And the girls hant come yet so I will fill up the space left for them. We received your letter last wednesday and was glad to hear you was well for the rest write that your sick. I sent you a kiss by George William Crooks. His boxes was so full I could send nothing else. I send you some postag stamps in this letter. Use them and you shall have some more.

Myron Grims has not received any letter from you yet but he will answer them all the same for your good intention. Your skates have throwd Latimer flat as a flounder. He has been here and killed one muskrat and would have killed more of it had not been colder than greenland. Your Father hurrys me evry minit for he is going down to Portage to night and to Kalamazoo to morrow. If you want paper or envelops or stamps let me know it. I cant write any more for they wont wate so good by for the presant

From your Mother


[1] Alonzo’s parents, Burton & Charlana (Adams) Johnson

[2] Alonzo’s sisters

[3] Melvina Johnson’s future husband, Walter Meredith

[4] Walter & Warren Meredith were twins

[5] Alonzo’s uncle, brother of Charlana (Adams) Johnson. Emulous enlisted for service in the Civil War on October 11, 1862 in Co. L, Michigan 5th Calvary Regiment and was mustered out on May 22, 1865 at Washington, DC

[6] Alonzo’s aunt, Ellen (Adams) Millham, sister of Charlana (Adams) Johnson

[7] Brother of Ellen (Burdick) Adams, who was the wife of Charles Adams, Charlana’s brother

[8] Henry’s relationship has not been established at this time


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