1862 Letters

February 12, 1862 letter to Luke Keith from George Tomlinson

February 12, 1862

To: Luke Keith

From: George Tomlinson, Pavilion, NY

Has enclosed a deed for the lot in Galesburg which Luke can deliver to the doctor when he pays up. Will be glad to have that settled. Having winter weather in earnest, with three feet of snow still on the ground. Several farms have been sold. The great fever now is oil and speculation is greater than anything heretofore, including California.

Pavilion Feb. 12, 1862[1]

C. L. Keith Esq

You will find enclosed deed of lot in Galesburgh for the Dr. which you will deliver to him when he pays up. I hope this will be as flash in the pan this time. I had made arrangements to go up & see what could be done when I got your letter. I had consulted a lawyer & got my back up to put the thing through. Shall be glad to have the thing settled I assure you. When you get the money retain enough to pay you for the trouble it has made you & send me the ballance. If you get eastern funds or green backs send by express, if your state currency get a draft on N.Y.

We are in usual health. We are having winter in dead earnest. No thaw since New Years, snow 3 feet or more on a level & snow banks & pitch holes to match. Mr. _______ sold his farm to the man who owns the Sprague[2] farm for 60$ pr acre.

Huey Olmstead has sold his farm to Nick Chilson for 105$ pr acre. Chilson is coming up – you see what sheep can do – mind[?] that now!

The great fever just now is Oil. The speculation is wild – exceeding anything here to fore known – California not excepted. At Perry they have formed a company and are putting down 3 wells & perhaps more. We have on our well[?] lot “good boring land” &c &c. I think we shall let those who have faith dig & find “ile” We can wait.

We had a letter from Lois last night – she is well.

If the Dr. does not respond as he has promised I think he will hear from me.


Geo. Tomlinson

What has become of spring beds?[3]


[1] The last digit of the year appears to have been written over and it is impossible to make out. Since there are other letters involving the land deal between Tomlinson and Babcock in 1862, it made sense to put this letter in the same time frame

[2] His wife Marion’s maiden name was Sprague so this probably refers to somebody in her family

[3] Luke sold Ulmer’s Spring Bed Bottoms – see August 2, 2015 post on the Crawford/ Comfort Family Letters blog here for more information



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