1861 Letters

October 29, 1861 letter to Luke Keith from George Tomlinson

October 29, 1861

To: Luke Keith

From: George Tomlinson, Pavilion, NY

Has not received any money from Babcock and is in great need of it. He would like Luke to tell Babcock of his situation and try to do something. The origin of the fire in his store is a mystery, and the insurance company refuses to pay because one room was used for making brooms. He will not be rebuilding the store and does not know whether he will ever go back into the dry goods business.

Pavilion Oct. 29, 1861

C. L. Keith Esq

You wrote me some time ago saying Babcock was going to pay some more. I am in very great want of it. I had supposed I should get the insurance on store building, but the company refuse to pay on account of using one room to make Brooms. I am hard up.

Tell Babcok how I am situated the worst try & do something for me. Better buy draft as exchanges now are low.

We[1] are all well except I have the tooth ache bad. The children[2] grow & are fast as we can hold.

The origin of the fire of in our store is as much a mystery now as the day of its occurrence. We can guess nothing about it, only that it was burned.[3]

Mrs. Cruttenden[4] has gone to Mich – she is at Chaddocks.[5] I am not building up the store this fall & dont know as I ever shall. I have just at this time a great dislike to the Dry Goods business – dont know but necessity may reconcile me to it again.

Sam has rented his new shop for a house water[?] factory to Mr. Sukings – put in two new wheels – they are doing business now.


Geo. Tomlinson


[1] He and his wife, Marion (Sprague) Tomlinson, who was Luke’s niece

[2] His son, Frank, age 8, and daughter, Nellie, age 6

[3] The store burned down on August 26, 1861

[4] Sarah (Curtis) Crittenden. Sarah’s late husband, Henry Crittenden, was the brother of Luke’s second wife, Jerusha (Crittenden) Keith

[5] Sarah Crittenden’s daughter and son-in-law, Sarah (Crittenden) & Joseph Chaddock


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