1861 Letters

October 11, 1861 letter to Sarah Keith from Platt & Nancy Betts

October 11, 1861

To: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

From: Platt & Nancy Betts, Omro, WI

Platt Betts writes the first part of the letter. Mentions David, Robert & Prosper. Henry’s wife had a boy 9 weeks old when he wrote. Wishes Luke would get a home by them. Added a kitchen to their house this summer. Nancy wrote the rest of the letter and said that Hiram had written and how much it troubled her that he had gone to war. She hadn’t heard from David in over five months. At that time he talked of going to New Mexico. She was afraid he had “exposed himself to the hostel Indians.” Said Louisa said Sarah should call the baby “Allus (Alice?). I say put Louisa to it.” She wants Sarah to tell the children grandma wants to see them and they must take good care of the baby. Mentions Aunt Linda and Aunt Walls.

This letter was originally posted to the Crawford/Comfort Family Letters blog and can be read here.


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