1861 Letters

August 21, 1861 letter to Luke Keith from George & Marion Tomlinson

August 21, 1861

To: Luke Keith

From: George & Marion Tomlinson, Pavilion, NY

Would like Luke to sell the house to Babcock. If he can make the trade he should send the deed and George will sign it. He is in want of funds as his collections have dried up. Marion writes of the political atmosphere and general news about family and friends. She hasn’t heard from Uncle Paul’s folks for a long time.

Pavilion Aug 21. 1861.

C. L. Keith Esq

Your line of Aug. 15th came to hand by last mail. If you can effect a sale of that house satisfactory to Babcock at the price you name – do so. You will do it in a way not to __itiate the security on the stock of goods.

If you make the trade – send down the deed & I will execute it forthwith. You will look well to securities. The way you name will be satisfactory to me.

I am sadly in want of funds. I have made some calculations on the payments from then to most obligations. Our collections are dried up. Marion[1] will write of our welfare.

In haste

Geo. Tomlinson

I have nothing of interest to write there is nothing talked or thought of here but war. We have a lot of Breckenrige[2] Democrats here, if you know their sentiments you can imagine how thing work. Some of them want all the d….d Black Republicans shot, and so things go. We are usually well. I had a letter from Henry[3] this week. Tell him I will answer it before long. Helen writes you have a baby[4] at your house. Adelpha has a puppy and two kittens. Nelly[5] says “Yes, they have all the things after I come away.” The widow Miller that lived above the old Tannery, died last week. Robbert Miller died the week before – he left a wife and four children, very destitute. Chub wants to know if Hannah[6] goes to school she has to stay at home to work, so she says. We have heard nothing from Uncle Pauls[7] folks in a long time.



[1] George’s wife, and Luke’s niece, Marion (Sprague) Tomlinson

[2] John C. Breckinridge was Vice President during James Buchanan’s presidency and ran for President in 1860. He was pro slavery and was defeated by Abraham Lincoln

[3] Luke’s son, Henry Keith

[4] Luke’s daughter, Louese Keith, who was born July 3, 1861

[5] George & Marion’s daughter, Nellie Tomlinson

[6] Luke’s daughter, Hannah Keith

[7] Paul & Lydia (Sanderson) Sprague


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