1861 Letters

April 24, 1861 letter to Luke Keith from George Tomlinson

April 24, 1861

To: Luke Keith

From: George Tomlinson, Pavilion, NY

Is writing in follow up to his previous letter in regards to his money matters. Business is slow – war absorbs all talk.

Pavilion April 24, 1861

C. L. Keith –

I have heard nothing from you since I left your place. I wrote you a few weeks ago in regards to my money matters.

Have you recd any thing from Babcock? Two payments were due Apr 7.  I had calculated to pay your father[1] from the May & June payments.

If you have paid your father my note all right. If you have any funds on hand send them in a draft on N.Y. _____ the next day.

Write me how things are going. We are all well. Our business is dull. Our place is a continuous Sunday so for business. War absorbs all talk. People forget to buy new cloths. We are selling mostly groceries.

Aunt Patty[2] says Tell Luke to write & let us know how you all get along.


Geo. Tomlinson


[1] Charles Luke Keith Sr.

[2] His mother-in-law, and Luke’s sister, Martha “Patty” (Keith) Sprague


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