1861 Letters

March 24, 1861 letter to Luke Keith from George Tomlinson

March 24, 1861

To: Luke Keith

From: George Tomlinson, Pavilion, NY

The broom business has been slow, but is now a little bit better. Has bought a small amount of land and will have to fence it and add ditches. He has 60,000 feet of lumber for broom handles and Sam Crossman has been turning the handles for him when he can.

Pavilion, Mch 24, 1861

We have not heard from Galesburg since we got home. What is the matter? We are all well. Marian[1] is reading Shakespeare this evening. Mother[2] is setting elbows on knees, meditating – what about, dont know. Our business is dull. Recession has scared every body out all want for Dry goods.

We are now taking an acct of stock. Dont know how we shall come out. Our Broom business has been dull. It is now a little bit better sales are slow.

It has been cold enough for a week past – all froze up. No chance for farm work yet. I have bot a small amt. of land from the Fester farm – got that to fence, ditch &c – & what will be the most difficult business pay for.

If Babcock has paid any thing I wish you would buy draft on N.Y. & send to me – i.e. if your Father[3] dont want that I had of him – if he does pay up my note.

How do you come on with your trade with your Father? Have you arranged details yet? It will soon be time for springs work.

Sam Crossman has lost part of his _____ – he is turning Broom handles for us when he can – we have about 60.000 feet of lumber to turn up.

Marshall Starr & Minnie Ewell[4] were married a few days ago – went to his place to live the next day – Mrs. Kendall has moved to her new house – her health is poor. Sarah Chaddock[5] is to go this week to Janesville – where Warren[6] has bot a farm – he has lost more he put into the old farm.

There is nothing more I think of all comes to politricks.


Geo. Tomlinson


[1] His wife, Marion (Sprague) Tomlinson

[2] His mother-in-law, Martha “Patty” (Keith) Sprague

[3] Charles Luke Keith Sr.

[4] Amelia “Minnie” Ewell

[5] Sarah (Crittenden) Chaddock

[6] Joseph Warren Chaddock


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