1860 Letters

September 30, 1860 letter to Sarah Keith from Chloe Austin

September 30, 1860

To: Sarah Keith

From: Chloe C. Austin

Chloe is giving Sarah an update on all the neighbors[1] while Sarah and her family are visiting family in Niles, Michigan, and Omro and DePere, Wisconsin (see Luke’s diary entries).

Sep 30th 1860

Respected friend

I received your letter after looking a long time I was glad to heer you was feeling better. I hope this will find you well and enjoying yourself. I could if I had a mother to visit. Now for the news of the day James Deos trial is past over again he has got bail.[2] Little Eugene Lint[3] had his foot run over by the cars so the physition took his leg off below his knee. Their was a man run over yesterday by the mail train between here and Comstock. Their was a bottle of whisky found in his pocket. Your yard is all rite. I saw Mother Pond give it a call one morning quite erly. Her _______ has broke out. I have had Mrs Johnson and her son here ever sence you went away. He has had his leg broken _______. Mrs Earl is here yet she is not very well. Rogers folks arived a weeke ago. Sarah[4] was hard sick and is yet. They brought her home on a bed. Mother Austin[5] is with me now.

Remember me kindly to your husband[6] and Children

I remain your true friend

Write again

C. C. Austin[7]

To Sarah Keth


[1] The 1860 census lists the following families all on the same page: Peter & Julia Johnson, David & Eliza Rogers (together with Eliza’s sister, Sarah Beadle), Almon & Nancy Pond, Almon & Chloe Austin, Charles & Sarah Keith and Stephen & Ann Earl.

[2] James Deyoe, who was on trial for burning the Congregational Church at Galesburg (see following newspaper articles)

[3] The 1860 census shows Eugene Lent, age 5, living in Comstock, Michigan, the son of Harvey and Sarah Lent

[4] Sarah Beadle, sister of Eliza (Beadle) Rogers

[5] Her mother-in-law, Hannah (McClellan) Austin

[6] Charles Luke Keith, Jr.

[7] Chloe C. (Wilbur) Austin



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