1860 Letters

March 2, 1860 letter to Luke Keith from Sarah Keith

March 2, 1860

To: Luke Keith, Pavilion, NY

From: Sarah Keith, Galesburg, MI

Sarah wishes her husband would write to her. She is worried about his cold. Ethan was sick but the doctor came and gave him some medicine and he is better. Charlie Johnson died from lung fever. The children all want him to come home. The bridge is out but Sarah saved the plank.

Galesburg, Feb 2d 1860[1]

Dear Husband

Feeling anxious to hear from you, and thinking perhaps you would not write unless requested to, (I forgot to ask you in my other letter), I thought I would scratch off a few lines to you. I whist you would write and as soon as you get this if you have not written. Your cold has worried me a good deal. Lois[2] is here this evening. We are all well. Ethan[3] was sick last wednesday he commenced vomiting in the morning and kept it up till evening. I called in Dr Witeman he gave him something to settle his stomach and he got better soon.

Charlie Johnson[4] is dead he died with the lung fever. I got the grist from the mill today. The mill has lain still since you have been gone till this week. Ethan says tell Pa to come home as soon as he can and fetch Aunt Patty[5] with him. Nancy[6] says she wants to see Pa, and I must be shure and tell him the brdge was gone so if he should come home in the night he would not be in the race.[7] I saved the plank. Hannah[8] says Pa must come home and fetch the candy. I get along nicely with the chores the yard is a getting quite dry. I hope you have got over your cold and enjoying your visit.

Mr Watts has not paid me any money.

Jim expects the Dr here to day. Frank has gone to Uncle Amos to spin.

Good by

Yours truly

Sarah C Keith

[1] It is believed that the date of the letter is actually March 2. Luke didn’t leave for his visit to Pavilion, New York, until February 14, and Charlie Johnson died February 24.

[2] Lois (Keith) Clark, Luke’s daughter by his first wife, Minerva (Payson) Keith

[3] Their son

[4] A search of FindAGrave.com shows that Charles Johnson died February 24, 1860 at the age of 33 years, 3 months and 15 days. He is buried in Gilson Cemetery in Climax, Michigan

[5] Luke’s sister, Martha “Patty” (Keith) Sprague

[6] Their daughter

[7] An artificial channel or bed of a stream leading water to or from a point where its energy is utilized, such as a mill or a mining claim

[8] Their daughter



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